A Couple of Nice Books for Understanding Covenant Theology

I just got back today from my week away in Sydney, and while I was down in the Blue Mountains, I visited my friends at the Little Lost Bookshop (Wandering Bookseller). They were getting ready for a Conference happening this weekend. So I was helping them out stickering books and getting the shelves stocked. In exchange for my help, I was sent on my way with a bunch of books! Considering that I wear a T-shirt that says, “When I have a little money I buy books, and if I have any left over, I buy food and clothes.” (Erasmus) I was pretty chuffed really!

Well, two in particular have already been really exciting to me – especially as both books are quite connected in their subject matter. I would already highly recommend them for understanding covenant theology. And of course, as I actually get through the whole books, I will give a bigger review. But here is what I’ve discovered so far. Continue reading “A Couple of Nice Books for Understanding Covenant Theology”